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Thread: PSP Basics For Newbies!

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    ISO: A disk image file that contains the PSP game. The average PSP ISO file is generally around 1.5 Gigabytes.

    CISO(or CSO): Short for "Compressed ISO". A CSO is the same thing as an ISO except it is a smaller file size.
    Some games such as Grand Theft Auto might be a little laggy (slow), but usually not slow enough to ruin your
    gameplay. CSO are highly recommended for those with memory sticks with a smaller amount of memory (such as 1gb)
    or those who want to fit more games on their memory stick. The average file size for a CSO is about 600 MB.

    UMD: Short for "Universal Media Disk". It is the term for the game disks that the psp plays.

    RipKit: "Patches" for PSP ISO files that significantly reduce its file size by removing the games audio and
    video. If you are one of those people who like to follow story lines in games, rip kits are not recommended. is a good place to find ripkits for your games.

    Firmware: The "operating system" of the PSP. PSP firmware is like the "windows" operating system for the PSP.

    Custom Firmware: Created by dark alex, this is a modded version of the psp firmware which is a combination of
    the original PSP 1.50 firmware with the current psp firmware. Custom firmware is highly recommended to all PSP
    users. Custom firmware can play ISO and CSO files easily with out having to download extra programs and it also
    allows users to use homebrew applications/games.

    Homebrew: "Homemade" PSP applications or games that are just like computer programs. Some can turn your PSP into
    a universal remote conrol and some can be used to play Super Nintendo Games. Homebrew can only be played on
    official firmware 1.50 or any custom firmware, although there are some homebrew that work on other official
    firmware although there are very few.

    Devhook: A homebrew application that allows users to emulate newer firmwares from there 1.50 firmware.

    MS: Memory Stick

    MS0:Memory Stick Root (The main folder of the psp memory stick)

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    PSP 1.5 got on USA first day is was 1.5 NOW 4.01 M33-2 -> 5.00 M33-6(1.50 addon),
    Old PS3s: PS3 60GB FW:3.41(2nd ps3 YLoD, 1st, YLoD)
    New PS3:
    Slim 160gb 01-21-2011 Working
    was 3.40 OFW->3.60 OFW

    2nd PSP : PHAT 5.50 GEN-D2
    3rd PSP : Sliver 3000 Starting OFW:4.20 (NEW bought NEW on 11/28/2010)
    It a good idea to have "Hide extensions for known file types" in Folder Options(under Tool) unchecked (turn on extensions)

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    you should make a new terminoligy its very usefull

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    do not bump old threads. If you want a thread with updated terminology then either write one yourself or request one in your own thread.


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