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    Ok I need help here. I have the old psp not sure witch but lets say a year i downgraded it to 1.5 the installed 3.40 oe-a that was a tad hard but no sweat. Now the question is i know psp from Sony wants me to up date,Ya right i want to do that I think not.So what step's do i do and where do i get Dark Alex's new firmware

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    Note, these are 4 psp's that have custom firmware or 1.5 installed, if u have Official Sony firmware(any version) u must downgrade first.
    Can all be found here: STALLONE CALO

    Before any upgrade/downgrade, a few things to keep in mind,
    Charge ur battery so its 100% full, AC power plugged in when u run the upgrade/downgrade, backup any valuable files/savedata from ur psp, restore psp to default settings, format memstick before coping files to psp, remove any umd from ur psp, read readme file, NEVER TURN OFF PSP DURING DOWNGRADE/UPGRADE!

    Links 4 noobproof 3.52M33 custom firmware installers (props to Calo and Stallone):
    Download, extract/uncompress file, read readme file, run exe file.
    -Go from any OE/SE to 3.52M33 here:
    Once at 3.52M33, install Update #4, here:

    3.90M33(Minimum requirement of 3.52-3M33 installed first)
    Important! MAKE sure ur kernal is set to 3.xx or u will brick(hold R trigger when starting psp to enter recovery menu, enter config, set game kernal to 3.xx)
    hold L + triangle throughout boot. When the screen says 'Verifying 390.PBP', let go, and update normally.
    3.90M33 noob installer
    Update 2
    1.5 kernal addon patch V2 for 3.90M33(fat only, NOT 4 slims.)

    Now that u have custom M33 firmware, u need to set ur iso loader and boost ur cpu speeds...
    to do so, enter vsh menu (press home button from xmb for 3.52 users and select button from xmb for 3.71 users) then scroll down and set umd mode/iso loader to SONY NP9660(The Best!)
    and, boost ur cpu speeds in game and xmb to 300/150 or 333/166, this will not harm ur psp(only uses battery up a little faster)
    Also, format memstick to delete unneeded install files and create folder structure...
    All praise goes to our Hero DARK ALEX, For his outstanding creation of SE/OE/M33 firmwares.
    Also, read Demonchild's tut on M33 firmware to understand more.

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    yea look at that guy he knows everything :)
    can\'t find it? simple. Google it.

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