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Thread: General Compatability Concerns or Possible Issues

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    Alright. I have looked around for a bit and couldn't find the answers to these questions, so if anyone here could help, that would be awesome. First some background....I am running 3.90 m33-2 on a psp lite and everything is working fine. I just bought a PS3 and I was wondering if there would be any problem associated with linking my PSP up with my PS3. I would like to take advantage of some of the PSP-PS3 connectivity features, but I dont want to mess up either system by doing so.

    Also, I am looking at getting the syphon filter combat ops game off the psn...does anyone know if this game or psn games in general have any problems running on custom firmware? I also wanted to know if there are any general problems with playing games online with custom firmware. I have not played online with custom firmware, but I would like to and need to know if there are any problems. ie..can i get banned for using custom firmware or anything?


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    No, there is no problem with playing online with custom firmware. There's no way to check if you have cfw. Everything on custom firmware is the same as the original, except for running homebrew games.
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