This is the content of the email i sent greg about this. since he hasn't replied yet i decided to put it on the forum. i believe it is pretty obvious that a new PSP fw is coming up soon.
I've checked the PlayStation blog and found an entry at . If you read through the post you will notice that the first bullet has a connection with the PSP, it goes like this: The ability to copy PS3 Music and Photo playlists to a PSP system. We introduced the ability to create Music and Photo playlists on the PS3 in firmware update v2.0. Now you can easily export your playlists to your PSP.

As far as I know the PSP does not support playlists neither for the music nor for the photos, the closest thing it has is playing music from the same group (aka folder). Well, if this function isn't built in the PSP but it is supposed to be working soon and since the 3.93 fw announcement didn't say anything about the playlist functionality I think it is safe to assume that a new PSP fw is due to launch in the very near future since " the next PLAYSTATION 3 system software update coming up in the next few days" .

Please write back with your opinion on this matter.