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Thread: accessing 1TB NAS, UPNP, somehow! there has to be a way!

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    Background story:
    So a friend of mine gave me his PSP with a broken screen. $50 + 15 mins I now have a working psp with brand new screen. Additional 45 mins later I'm running custom 3.52 M33-4.


    installed IR Shell and still learning about how to use nethostfs.

    I have a 1TB NAS Lacie Big Disk that does a slew of different protocols and has all my mp3s and wonderful video files. It even is setup to do UPNP media.

    Wouldn't it be great to mount that so that my wireless psp can connect to it? Yes it would!

    How? is the question.

    the only way I see how is to run my windows or mac pc while having the nas mounted as a drive on it, then connect my psp via nethost to the pc and try to read the nas off of that.

    sounds like there is to many layers here and I'm setting myself up for some major lag if I do it that way.


    Sorry if this is a newbie question - I've been in the scene for a day or so.

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    Download PSPhost 2.0, once installed go to settings (in the psphost) And check the boxes that say DIRECTORY TO SHARE OVER USB and DIRECTORY TO SHARE OVER WIFI. Close psphost and reopen it. Then connect the psp to USBhost or Nethost. As long as you have your drive in first it should work. Also you may have to disconnect and then reconnect usbhost and/or nethost for it to read all of your drive.

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