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Thread: What has happend to Strmnnrmn and his beloved Daedalus?

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    Hey guys, Is it just med that wonder wtf is going with Strmnnrmn and his Daedalus emulator... I have checked his site from time to time since his last update on his home page ( And as probebly some of you allready know his last update appeared last Xmas.... I dont know if I shall laugh or cry, but didnt he say on his blog that he should start to release less big updates and release more often... Well atleast I am a bit confused about this. We havent heard a word from him in more than three months so maybe he has put daedalus in a box and forgott about it forever? Or maybe not? Does someone here know him / have heard something about it (daedalus)? It would be great to hear something new about this.

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    I was thinking about this a while ago. Very strange. I'd give the guy some credit though. Release R14 and then say a goodbye at least.

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    I believe he's also had very long times between his other updates as well, though. Maybe he's just doing that much work
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