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Thread: What is IRSHELL for?

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    I have downloaded and installed and IRSHELL to my PSP and heard that it is a useful app but when i launched it all I was able to see is lots of different options which are really confusing.
    How do I use this program? What's the main purpose for it?

    I want to play ISO games on any firmware!

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    ir shell is kinda like a menu replacement, but it gives you a ton of extra functions.

    heres a couple of the better functions you might wanna learn about:
    USB-ISO Loader : play psp games from your computer over usb
    NET-ISO Loader : play psp games from your computer over wifi
    music player : play your own music during games
    multi tasker : have more than one homebrew running at once
    Bookr : veiw pdf's and other text files on psp

    like i said this is just a sample of what it does, but its somewhere for you to get started
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    It's an XMB replacement with the features of Sony's plus more.

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