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Thread: [RELEASE] - Alternative VSHMenų v5.0 by Red_Squirrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_Squirrel
    [RELEASE] - Alternative VSHMenų v5.0
    After a long pause, here is a new update to my Alternative VSHMenų!!!
    Download from HERE

    Changelog from README.txt attached:
    Alternative VSHMenų by Red Squirrel <-Italian <-English

    N.B.: I'm Italian, so sorry for my BAD english :P

    What's it?
    It is an Alternative VSHMenų that has ALL same functions of the M33 VshMenų and other utilities such as the possibility to change the background color, to power off and to sleep the console, to activate and to disactivate M33 VshMenų from dashboard or to make screenshot of XMB!
    Press HOME (by Default) in XMB to start the Alternative VshMenų!
    Press CIRCLE (by Default) in Menų to close it.

    -Do not flash this plugin erasing M33 satelite.prx! In this case Alternative VSHMenų does not work!
    -To flash this plugin, follow the guide inserted in Patch2Flash folder!
    -v5.0 is compatible ONLY with CF 3.90M33 and CF 3.95GEN!

    CF 3.90M33
    -Possibility to hide the MAC address in System Information page (like CF 3.93/3.95GEN option!)
    -Now PSP will be rebooted if you change CXMB, MAC or M33 VSHMenų options (to enable the changes!).

    CF 3.95GEN
    -Added Hide MAC Address option.
    -Changed "M33 NET UPD." line in "NETWORK UPD.".
    -Added GEN Updater under NETWORK UPDATE option.
    -Changed "M33 VshMenu" line in "SELECT KEY ".
    -Added VSH Recovery under SELECT KEY option.

    -Possibility to enable/disable CXMB plugin directly from the VSHMenų (read the CXMB installation in CXMB_readme.txt to know how it works)
    -Now config file will be saved in flash1, so if you decide to flash the A.Vshmenų, Memory Stick will not be required!
    -Added a Slim Flasher
    -Because of lack of time, language translations will be released in next update.

    -There was a bug in v4.1 on PSPs Slim that brought to the reboot of the console when you closed Alternative VSHMenų: FIXED.

    -Added German, Italian and French translations.
    -Added a tool to flash the plugin in Flash0 (so you can free a space for a new plugin in your PSP!).

    -Added a security check to the plugin.
    This because of a lamer team, called "Team Just Dead", creator (but I have some doubt about it too...) of the "JD-Battery", that when I released the v3.5 they diffused a hex-edit spanish version of my Alternative VSHMenų saying that they were its programmers and creators...
    -Added the NO PIC0 AND PIC1 function
    -Added the GAME KERNEL function for PSP Fat
    -Added the USB CHARGE function for PSP Slim.
    -GAME KERNEL and USBCHARGE functions share the same line, so if you use Alternative VSHMenų on a PSP Fat the GAME KERNEL function will appear, otherwise on a Slim the function USB CHEARGE will appear.
    -Now when you change one of the functions that requires the reboot of the console to be applied (Game Kernel, USB Charge, M33 Network Update, No Pic1.png and Pic0.png), Dashboard will be restarted automatically, applying the change!
    -Some minor bugfix and improvement to the code.

    Note: Because of lack of time, translations will be released later.

    -Changed the disposition of menu lines to avoid to occupy all PSP screen height.
    -Added a function to enable/disable M33 Network Update.
    -Now when VSHMenų begins, the button "Shutdown PSP" will be selected as the first. In this way the process of PSP turning off, reboot and standby is quickly.
    -Added 2 new versions of the PRX: one of them is the Italian translation (by Red Squirrel) and the other is the French Translation (by Britix).

    -[FIX]- In CF 3.80M33 Standby function did not work. Now it works.

    -Fixed problems with USB device setting when UMD9660 were selected.
    -Last USB Device chosen will be saved, so at PSP reboot default USB Device will be last one chosen.
    -Changes to CPU and BUS frequency will be applied immediately on menų closing, without requiring console reboot.
    -Add UMD-VIDEO function (like M33 VSHMenų)
    -ISOs in ISO/VIDEO directory will be checked on every VSHmenų beginning, so changes (adding/removing ISO) will be realized immeditely without requiring console reboot!
    -Now pressing again the "start" key VSHMenų will close itself.

    -Improved the management of the colors
    -Disposition of the commands on the screen is changed
    -Possibility to make screenshot of the dashboard
    -Possibility to activate/disactivate the function of screenshot
    -Possibility to choose the key to start the plugin!
    -Possibility to choose the key to make the screenshot
    -Now options will be saved, so changes will be maintained also on the reboot of the console!
    -If the file or th folder of options are not found, they will automatically be created to avoid crash of the system.

    v1.00 Standard
    -Same functions of M33 VshMenų
    -Possibility to change the background color
    -Possibility to activate or disactivate M33 VshMenų
    -Possibility to power off, reboot and sleep the console
    -Plugin will stop PSP to avoid conflict with pad

    v1.00 Memory
    -Same functions of standard versione except for usbdevice.prx that will be loaded from SEPLUGINS folder in Memory Stick and not from Flash0
    -Dark_Alex fixed usbdevice.prx is already present in the Alternative VSHMenų folder.

    Installation using Noob's Plugin Installer
    -Connect PSP to PC through USB
    -Start program and choose the "Install a new plugin" option
    -Choose the "Indipendent Installation" option
    -Select the PRX (of your language) and check the box corrisponding to VSH
    -Click on Install button

    Manual Installation (if no other plugins are installed)
    -Connect PSP to PC through USB
    -Copy the content of MS_ROOT folder in the root of Memory Stick

    Manual Installation (if other plugins are installed)
    -Connect PSP to PC through USB
    -Copy vshmenu.prx (of your language) file in SEPLUGINS folder
    -Open VSH.txt file (if it's not present, create it!) and at the end of the file add this string: ms0:/seplugins/vshmenu.prx

    Any way you have choosen, remember to activate plugin from Recovery Mode!

    To users of and for the help that they give me!
    To all staff and users of
    To Britix for the French Translation
    To KFR92 for the German Translation
    To FreePlay for his tool to edit BIN files of the Flash0.
    To my girlfriend because she is the only that believe in me...

    PSP 1.5 got on USA first day is was 1.5 NOW 4.01 M33-2 -> 5.00 M33-6(1.50 addon),
    Old PS3s: PS3 60GB FW:3.41(2nd ps3 YLoD, 1st, YLoD)
    New PS3:
    Slim 160gb 01-21-2011 Working
    was 3.40 OFW->3.60 OFW

    2nd PSP : PHAT 5.50 GEN-D2
    3rd PSP : Sliver 3000 Starting OFW:4.20 (NEW bought NEW on 11/28/2010)
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    Nice. thanks for the share.
    I need to try this out. I know its been out for awhile just never got around to using it.

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    cool I didn't even notice recovery editor was updated as well thanks ryu.

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    Sweet, I'll have to get this version. I love using this on 3.90m33-3.

    PS2 = Softmodded Slim w/ Free MCBoot v1.8b
    PSP = Phat 5.00 m33-6 w/ 1.50 Kernel Addon
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    this seems cool, ill try it later
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    Spoiler for firmware version:
    fat 3.40OE-A slim 3.90m33-2

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