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Thread: Possible problem with UPMS and CFW 4.01?

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    When you run UPMS you are required to install fatms371.prx and as we've seen fatms371.prx and 4.01m33 causes your PSP to brick.

    So if you were to run UPMS on a PSP with 4.01m33 installed would you brick the PSP?

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    You actually ARE NOT required to install the patch to run the upms install. I bricked myne as well. If you read it just says ipl writing will be disabled so you cant write the pandora/multi/sleepfix ipls from upms. The rest of UPMS is 100% functional.

    But yeah i did the same thing.

    Depending on what the original problem is UPMS might just be updated to allow ipl writing without the patch if it isnt needed anymore. If it is well something will be found to allow ipl writing. Im just assuming its just the ipl check, u will notice it doesnt say wether or not the ipl is installed when u run it from 4.01 which is interesting. Eitherway it still disables ipl writing.

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    Haha, glad I wasn't the only one this happened to. I ended up having to use a Universal Unbricker to fix everything.

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