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Thread: Noob proof guide to make animated icons with sound for psx games

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    Download this guide in pdf format with images to aid you and this tool pack contain all required tools

    Complete guide to make animated icons with sound loop

    About The Guide

    This is my first guide, I felt like contributing and as saying goes one has to start somewhere. So this is it!
    I started writing this just to check out OpenOffice and now I know it rocks!!, So you guys should give it shot, After all its free.


    If you want further help contact me on

    Before you start you must know

    Combined size of finally obtained 'filename.pmf' file (video) and 'filename.at3' file (audio) should be less than 500 kbs and for this we will have to make some sacrifices in one or other part.
    [Method – 1] If you just want to make video without any sound then you can have video clip of length about 35 to 40 seconds depending on average and max bitrate.
    For above method just skip audio part of this guide.
    Or if you want to use sound with video clip then there are two things that can be done
    [Method – 2] Use video clip of lenght 25 sec and use sound clip that is less than 20 sec. Minor adjustments can be done like increasing video length a bit but then you will have to use smaller sound clip.
    For best results use such sound clip that when looped merge nicely
    [Method – 3] Use video clip of length <21 sec with sound clip of same length.

    Softwares required
    1.Video converter such as TMPGEnc or virtual dub in this guide I will be using TMPGEnc, trial included
    2..mps to .pmf converter included
    3.UMD Tools you will have to find them yourself
    4.Goldwave audio editor trial included
    5.ATRAC 3 codecs included
    6.Gwat 3 standalone program to make sound file loop included
    Additional softwares
    1.Decoder to play .pmf files on computer. included
    2.Audacity for editing your sound files.

    1.Video clip (duh!) preferably in progressive format or you will have to deinterlace it. (TMPGEnc will automatically do this if you haven't changed its default settings)
    99% you will be having progressive video
    2.Audio file you want to use as background music must be less than 20 sec.
    3.Extract the accompanying tools.rar to suitable location on your hard disk.
    4.Install Goldwave by running gwave523.exe
    5.Install ATRAC 3 codecs from atrac3 folder
    6.Close all other programs.

    Encoding video clip

    1.Start the program TMPGEnc and click on start new project.
    2.Click on add file and select your video clip.
    3.Now go to cut-edit tab and cut the length of the video file down to 25 sec by using navigator and frame markers.

    4.Go to filters tab and select picture crop.(Use this step only if your video clip has aspect ratio other than 16:9 or if you want to use a part of video clip. Otherwise proceed to step )
    5.Now put values in top,bottom,left, right field for cropping your video but maintain a ratio of 16:9 for picture size of video clip.
    Hint - Current picture size will be displayed in front of “Size after cropping”
    6.Press OK at the right bottom.
    7.Go to Format tab and select avi (double click) file output from the list.
    8.Set the values as following in the new window

    {Follow step 9 & 10 if using Method - 3}

    9.Now click Add and select Wave file format (double click)
    10.Enter values as in the following image,in fact you just have to select highlighted format other formats will not work.
    11.Now click on Encode tab once with avi file output selected and once more with wave file output selected (if using method - 3).
    12.Here set the output folder and click on encode. After encoding close the TMPGEnc.
    Encode button
    13.Now locate UmdStreamComposer.exe in \UMD Tools\Umd Stream Composer\bin\ folder and run it.
    14.Click on new and enter names for clip name and project name in the following dialogbox and then click next.
    15.Here just enter value 2 for Max Size Clip and tick PSP movie format.
    16.Click on Video Enc Settings in main toolbar and set average bitrate and max bitrate as 100 and 110 respectively and press ok.
    17.Now click on video source in main toolbar and then click open and select your encoded video clip from step 11 and press ok.
    18.Click on run in menu bar and then select encode+multiplex. Close UmdStreamComposer.
    19.After it completes locate clip 00001.mps file in MyDocuments\UmdStreamComposer\MuxWork\project name\00001\
    20.Confirm that size of 00001.mps is about <350 kbs.
    21.Copy 00001.mps file into folder \tools\MPS to PMF\Icon1\
    22.Run Icon Converter.bat
    23.You will get 00001.pmf file in the same folder. If you have already installed PMF decoder then you can play 00001.pmf file with windows media player.
    24.If you like, you can rename it to ICON1.pmf

    Encoding Sound Clip
    Make sure you installed Goldwave and Atrac 3 codecs
    1.Open your audio file in Goldwave and from file menu select Save As option.
    2.In attributes field select Atrac 66 kbps STEREO and enter suitable name for file and finally click save.

    3.Close Goldwave. Now run GWAT 3.exe in tools folder and drag the above created file on GWAT 3 window and click Goldwave button. If some error comes up regarding header file that means you didn't followed step 2 correctly or audio file is faulty.
    4.A new file with name looped-filename.at3 will be created in the same folder (in which you saved file created by Goldwave )
    5.If you like, you can rename it to SND0.at3


    1.Q - I can't find UMD tools anywhere,can you give them to me?
    A – No. You are on your own for this. Sorry!!
    2.Q – When I go to XMB to start psx game only video shows up but there is no sound.
    A – This is because combined size of .pmf and .at3 file is exceeding 500kbs.
    Try to lower average bitrate (100kbs is minimum) & max bitrate just bigger than average bitrate, Cut video length to 25 sec or lower and use smaller audio file.
    Make sure you use correct settings as displayed in above images
    3.Q - Animation nor music plays in save files.
    A – For this you will have to manually copy ICON1.pmf and SND0.at3 files in folder PSP drive:\PSP\SAVEDATA\”game folder”\ separately for every game.

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    how to move this guide to tutorial section

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    A mod must do it

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    mods please move this to tutorial section

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