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Thread: Planning on getting new psp but when and what model?

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    Wink Planning on getting new psp but when and what model?

    I used to have a phatty a while back but gave it up during the 3.0 OE era
    now i'm thinking about getting one again on xmas this year but i'm not sure which is currently better for homebrew support
    I remember last time i was around the slim didn't have 1.5 kernel support on the OEs is that different now?

    then theres the 3000 which i'm also considering i could wait out until its hacked

    currently i still own my pandora battery and magic stick so if i get another phatty or slim i just pop them in and i'm back in the homebrew business

    what du guys think i should do
    is there anything i should know that wasn't around earlier like did sony find a way to stop us from using pandora and magic?

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    Get a Slim, but make sure that it doesn't have a TA-088v3 mobo (the new one). There is a way to check without opening i

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    lol I can imagine the face of the store seller's when we ask : "Could I see the UPC(bar code) behind the box" LOOOOLL..

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