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Thread: Just getting back into PSP (since June), need suggestions

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    Default Just getting back into PSP (since June), need suggestions

    My screen was broken in June, or maybe a month before that, and now i got my new screen installed!
    I currently have 3.90 m33 on my system

    Is 4.01 m33 (or what ever is the current) worth upgrading to? (does it have WPA enterprise?)

    Is there anything really ground breaking (either in apps or in games) that came out since june (homebrew or legit)

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    I just came back also =]

    Update to 4.01 M33, then get 4.01 M33-2, then get the 1.5 kernel (which I think you only need if you have a phat)

    I currently am enjoying Psptube, Stakker, and Boxhead homebrew.

    And sorry I have no idea what WPA enterprise is =[
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    There are a few ISO games worth getting

    Other than that wait for my Thing Thing game to come out

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