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Thread: PSP Wifi Standalone Connectivity

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    Default PSP Wifi Standalone Connectivity


    Just a thought, as PSP is having builtin Wifi adapter and I can receive and use internet on my psp wirelessly. Is there a way, method or software created by Dark Alex or someone by which we can isolate the functionality of PSP Wifi adapter and use it as standalone Wifi adapter for desktops or Laptops by connecting it with USB cable.
    Another possibility which I was thinking of rather then buying the damn expensive Xbox 360 wireless network adapter (Which connects with xbox 360 using usb port), we can use psp as a wifi adapter to connect to wireless router and get connected to xbox live...

    What u guys thinkkk....

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    woa, isn't the psp haveing a built in WIFI ADAPTER? its not a modem man..

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