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Thread: About how many PSP owners hack their PSPs?

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    Wink About how many PSP owners hack their PSPs?

    It's hurting Sony really hard with all the piracy and we all contribute a lot if a friend of ours or stranger asks how we did that on our PSP and we teach them how...
    if it hurts them this bad about what % of the psp owner population could we assume have CFW and pirate games?

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    Someone already made a thread about this. Its basically like 2:1, 2 being the OFW and 1 being the CFW, so piracy isn't really doing shit,

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    despite it's many functions, the psp is still a video game system at it's core. and most video game systems are bought by parents for children too young to leanr the fine art of hacking them. so there are still a large number of parents buying systems and games compared the number hacking them

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