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Thread: Any Chance of Playing AVI format in PSP

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    Red face Any Chance of Playing AVI format in PSP

    Hey Guyz, New here.

    Now I have heard and got in Google that PSP Supports MP4 Format only(In Videos)

    But As U know all the movies available in Net are in AVI format.

    So any chance of Playing AVI format in PSP. Like installing any Patch or Downgrading/Upgrading it.

    I need u Suggestions. Help this newbie here.


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    I think PMPPlayer Advance can play AVIs.

    But your best bet is to convert them to MP4-AVC format and play them on your PSP. It saves spaces, and allows you to retain, if not increase the quality of the movies.

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    PSP Tube can play AVI ( Just put the AVI file into your Favorites folder of PSPTube ) but the playback is poor .

    Streaming from the PC is the best option for watching AVI on a PSP but you need to be at a wifi access point .

    I have a location free box and it is great for streaming content from my divx compatible DVD player , Satallite , Analogue cable etc etc .

    You could try Pimpstream to stream avi files from your PC to your PSP but you will need to be within range of your own wifi connection .

    if you want to watch movies on the go then you really need to convert them to a PSP compatible format at this time .

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