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    Hi everyone. I'm considering getting a PSP this christmas, and since the game base isn't very big, I decided to look around to see what else there was. To be honest, I am pretty blown away by the emulators. Possibly playing LOZ:OOT anywhere is a joygasm. I have a couple questions though. How difficult is it to get emulators and homebrew onto your PSP? Are there any major consequences for this (worst case scenarios)? I'm sure I'll come up with some more when I get to understand things a little better. Thanks for the help!

    EDIT: Whoops. I'm thinking this probably goes in the HELP section that I somehow didn't see until just now. My apologies

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    Just read around the forum ..... read all of the stickies and tutorials

    Read up on subjects like M33 Custom firmware and Pandora battery

    The PSP needs to be running custom firmware before you can do anything .
    Some of the Newer Slim PSP 2000 series and all of the 3000 series are currently unhackable so be careful what you buy for xmas

    Once custom firmware is installed then putting a emulator on the PSP is just a drag n drop process ..... any chimp could do it

    Do as much research as you can before buying a PSP .... It is not wise to rush into this or you could be stuck with a worthless paperweight

    and Welcome to the forum

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    [q]Do as much research as you can before buying a PSP[q/]

    or can wait for a deal thats out of a blue like me.

    (1-220 naruto for a psp slim)
    can\'t find it? simple. Google it.

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    Your best bet is to look for a used psp that's been pre modded, or even better get an unmodded one and a pandora's kit off ebay. It's extremely easy to mod a psp with a pandoras kit plus if you accidentally brick your psp ((mess up the system files so it doesn't boot up at all)) then you can use your pandora kit to fix it

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