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Thread: SM POPS Installer [5.00 M33]

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    Default SM POPS Installer [5.00 M33]

    I wasn't sure where to put this so, moderators, please feel free to move it to the proper location.

    Alright everyone. This is a small application made by myself (smchronos) in VB.NET 2008 for PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 M33.
    NOTE: I have my Windows theme set to classic, so that is why the application appears outdated.

    It's only real purpose is to allow easier/quicker copying of POPS files onto your PSP. As of now, I do not have all of the POPS files in the application, but most of them (and the ones you would probably use) are on there.

    There is a 3 KB read me file I wrote earlier today describing everything from the process to my rambling thoughts.

    Anyway, I hope you guys find this useful! I would love to have someone else host this if possible and, of course, I would also like to see any comments and bug reports people have. I'm sure there are problems that I have not foreseen/encountered.

    Click here to download version 1.0.0!
    *Includes POPS Installer, Read Me.txt, and a web install application for the .NET framework 3.5 with SP1.

    Full Title: SM POPS Installer
    Version: (really just 1.0.0)
    Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5 (Service Pack 1 suggested)
    Supported: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP (according to Microsoft)
    Programmer: smchronos

    Task: Allow easy installation of the popsloader system components onto PSP custom firmware.

    What It Does:
    -Creates seplugins folder if it does not exist.
    -Creates popsloader folder in seplugins folder if it does not exist.
    -Copies popsloader.prx to seplugins folder (overwrites existing file).
    -Copies or Edits pops.txt in the seplugins folder to include a reference to the popsloader.prx.
    -Copies daxheaparea.prx to popsloader folder (overwrites existing file).
    -Copies idcanager_old.prx to popsloader folder (overwrites existing file).
    -Copies impose.prx file of 4.01 firmware to popsloader folder (overwrites existing file).
    -Placed as instructed by Dark_Alex in the popsloader wiki (5.00 M33 firware).
    -Will cause problems for older PSP firmwares. Delete if firmware not 5.00 M33.
    -Copies specific prx files depending on firmware versions selected.

    Extra Features:
    -Displays all removeable drives on startup.
    -Allows manual input of drives.
    -Displays selected drive's total space (in kilobytes).
    -Displays selected drive's total free space (in kilobytes).
    -Displays required space for POPS Loader material (in kilobytes).

    Version History:
    -Created copy system.
    -Added numerous POPS files.
    -Created generic Windows GUI.
    -Wrote "Read Me.txt" file.

    -{FIXED} Attempting to copy files to a drive with 0 space provides an error (error checking not working).
    -Occurs for me (smchronos) with starup disk A:\ that appears to never be ready.

    Reason: Simply put, I found it annoying to dig around for all of those POPS prx files and add them.
    To me, it is much easier to just click and select the ones I want and then press GO! and it's done in a matter of seconds.
    So, I built this program (1.0.0) in a matter of five hours (on and off).
    Granted, it is still a little shaky, but it's getting there.
    I have tested the uploaded POPS files using this program, specifically with Vagrant Story and Grandia for the PSX.
    I have had no problems myself with uploaded files.
    I've done about as much bug testing as I can think of with my single computer.
    Please remember that I have only tested this on Windows XP.





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    Nice... I would try it but I don't need to... lol... I spent 6hours downloading all the required OFWs with the official Sony Web browser, and used irshell to extract it the copied them all around the place using filer and used RSPSARDUMPER then copied the required files to the right folder and all that crap...
    All using the PSP GUI/applications so popsloader gives me bad memories... *shudders*

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