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Thread: Daedalus X64 Beta 2 out

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    Default Daedalus X64 Beta 2 out

    DaedalusX64 Beta 2 - 1 March 2009
        * Added exception handler to emulation (Chilly Willy)
        * Made UI selection wrap at top and bottom (Chilly Willy)
        * Cleaned up the ROM preferences (Chilly Willy)
        * ME Audio uses CPU event (CPU event system made thread-safe) (Chilly Willy)
        * ME Audio made conditional (Async = ME, Sync = Old Audio) (Chilly Willy)
        * Several Custom Blends Added (Kreationz, ShinyDude100, Wally)
        * Rewrote microcode detection to fix a couple of bugs (StrmnNrmn)
        * Added support for LOAD_UCODE, fixes a number of rendering glitches (StrmnNrmn)
        * Speed hack detection (howard0su)
        * Added JPEG support (howard0su)
        * Fixed an assert causing some homebrew not to run (StrmnNrmn)
        * Added support for FlashRam and Eeprom16k save type (howard0su)
        * Reworked saving/loading system (howard0su)
        * OSEHLE Enabled with several OSHLE commands (Small speed up)(howard0su)
        * Improved Audio ME code (Faster with Audio on) (Chilly Willy)
        * Use VFPU to handle more transform and lighting (StrmnNrmn)
        * Various rendering optimisations (StrmnNrmn)
        * Various ucodes, many games show up correctly now (Wally)
        * Corrected many savetypes in rom.ini (Wally)
        * Various code cleanup (howard0su)
    Glad to see that StrmnNrmn is back in action, by the way.
    This release also comes in different "flavors" as Kreationz put it. "Lite" has only the essentials to play,
     no more than that, so it comes at less than 1MB. There's the expansion, which features controller 
    configs and box art for most ROMs, thanks to the JPEG support. There's the full version, which is a 
    combination of both Lite and the expansion, which is recommended for most users to give them the 
    full experience.
    Then for debuggers, there's the Developer package, which is built in debug mode.
    Only the Lite version is available so far at SourceForge, so we'll update this post as soon as the
     others arrive. Well, that's about it, download and enjoy!

    thanks for the tip forgot to put in last " in the code

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    wooot. gonna try it out soon.

    also, your link is messed up.

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