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Thread: IR Shell 4.92 Released

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    Default IR Shell 4.92 Released
    iR Shell 4.92 Released
    This is another minor update for bug fixing and introducing support to Dark_AleX's LEDA. The advancded multi-tasking feature is now in beta testing and will be released when it's ready. I got emails from various people asking if there is any way to join the iR Shell beta testing. I'll make an official announcement here. For donators who donate US$15 or more, you will receive an invite email to the private forum which you can download iR Shell SE releases (Special Editions / Betas) and also obtain technical support.

    New Features:
    - Added support to Dark_AleX's LEDA. Pls note iR Shell only supports LEDA version 0.2. To enable LEDA support within iR Shell, enable the option "Legacy Homebrew Support via DA's LEDA" under iR Configurator.
    - Increase remotejoy framerate to around 30 FPS while running PS1 games.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed most game audio stuttering while mp3 is playing.
    - Fixed PPA plugin crashing with nethostfs/usbhostfs access.

    Special thanks to:
    - Dark_AleX for the M33 custom firmwares and his assistance during iR Shell development.
    - Tyranid and other developers in for creating the pspsdk.
    - F34R, Osgeld, StoneCut and other moderators who keep running and providing technical support to the community.
    - All iR Shell beta testers, donators, skins & plugin contributors.

    - M33 Custom firmware & popsloader are developed by Dark_AleX/M33.
    - remotejoy & usbhostfs are developed by Tyranid.
    - iR Shell bundled skins & plugins are developed by their corresponding authors.
    - iR Shell Manual & FAQs are written by StoneCut.
    Paypal Donation Link: ahmanhk@hotmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Download Links:

    Installation Instructions:
    - This is an update, unzip and merge to your previous 4.9 or 4.91 release.

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    hey, cool a irshell update, with leda support cool.
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