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Thread: wouldn't this be nifty??

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    Default wouldn't this be nifty??

    now does anybody remeber the days of UP mod chip for PSP's?

    do you remeber that it allowed the psp to have dual boots, so one boot could be hacked and one boot would be official?

    wouldnt it be sick if we could have the choice for dual boot in m33?

    i dont know what it would take or if it is even possible, but i was sitting here at 5.00m33-6 looking at my 3.90m33 nand dump and was thinking wouldnt it be great if i could just switch between them?

    i know about time machine and that not what im talking about, 3.90m33 had a fully functional nethost, something that no other cfw has done since.

    so my idea is to allow in some sort of hook that would allow you to boot an optional firmware from the memory stick, kinda like devhook emulation.

    now i know this is wild a thought, and i know everyone will intially find a million ways why it cant be done, but WE ONLY NEED ONE WAY TO MAKE IT WORK!! (i hit caps by accident there, but it works so im leavin it)

    so discuss, and see what comes of it.

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    eh? I thought time machine did do what you were stating. I thought it booted the old firmwire and ued the flash files you had on the MS for it
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    The whole thing is so close to time machine the only advantage of your idea is being able to do it without the battery and to choose any firmware.

    The good news for people who want OFW and CFW si you could boot M33 for minor needs from pandora and then enjoy your ofw for all your legit purposes. SOunds like a pain in the butt to me lol. But one guy with a bad nand did save his psp thanks to the Test M33 feature he is still able to use it for most things.

    @Gunman time machine needs a couple of things to run a firmware and only the one dax allows for actually work. 3.60 M33 is the newest for slims but DCv7 and 8 Have time machine versions of 4.01 and 5.00.

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