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Thread: newbie here :) big thanks to all the poeple on here

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    Default newbie here :) big thanks to all the poeple on here

    hello all

    I've owned a Phat PSP since its release back a few yrs ago, due to the troublesome need to upgrading and downgrading the firmware in order to run homebrew applications back then (the devhook era) i had pretty much given up on the PSP. The last purchase of a UMD game forced me to upgrade my PSP to 2.60 (which wasnt hackable back then) and since then i havent touched the PSP at all.

    but... wow~! following the tutorials found on this site got my PSP running on homebrews again~~! thanks~!

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    I was in the same position you were in, only I had upgraded to 2.71 the day t came out then I lost my PSP up until a few months ago. I was quite impressed how easy things have gotten, and how helpful everyone here is. I guess I'll say thanks as well.
    Need some advice?

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    I remember when I did all I could do to stay at 1.5. Later I ended up buying WWE Smackdown Raw 06, and I had to update to 2.0. So I waited to play it for about a week, then said F it. I regretted it. But soon after there was a 2.00 downgrader . All I did after that was keep an extra MS on me to downgrade every time I needed to.

    After that, I never made another mistake again. I would also like to thank to all that give to this community.

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