The DaedalusX64 team is back with a quick update for the latest beta version of their DeadalusX64 emulator for the PSP. As Kreationz states, this update is just a quick fix, but it's still recommended that you update your version of Beta 2 to this one. Quick fix as it may be, just look at that changelog, man:


  • [!] Fixed crash when loading 2nd ROM on Phat (Kreationz)
  • [+] Roms up to 16Mb loaded into Slim Memory (Kreationz)
  • [-]Removed Double Display Lists (To be replaced with proper paging code)(Kreationz)
  • [-]Temporarily Removed DynarecLoopOptimisation (Causes most games to crash under current CPU code)(Kreationz)
  • [+] Added resources from upgrade in prep for new GUI(No Lite version for future releases(Kreationz)
  • [~] Fixed typos in rom.ini (Salvy)
  • [~] Added 2 games to rom.ini (Salvy)
  • [!] Compiler shouldn't make too much noise now (ex:blendmodes)(Salvy)
  • [!] Fixed performance decrease per game loaded.(Salvy)
  • [!] updated intrafont to 0.31, contains various bug fixes and enhancements(Salvy)
  • [+]Added blendmodes: (Salvy)
    • *Zelda Oot:
      • Big tree on Kokiri Forest is now rendered

      • Hearts should blend better now, (still WIP)

      • Rupees show up better. (Wally/Salvy)
    • *Batman Beyond
      • Characters, enemies,foes, and other things should show up now
    • *Pilot Wings
      • Beaches should blend correctly
    • *Super Bowling 64
      • Needs more work, but now should be more "playable"
  • [~] Move RSP logic out of CPU core(Howard0su)
  • [!] Change KnownValue of a register from s32 to REG32. So that we can cleanup the code a bit(Howard0su)
  • [~] Simplify the logic to handle register cache in LoopOptimization(Howard0su)
  • [~] Cleanup the logic for JAL, JALR in the PSP code generator(Howard0su)
  • [~] Simplify the parameters for GenerateCode.(Howard0su)
  • [+] Delay initialize MediaEngine. So that we can suspend if we don't use Async Sound. (If you use async sound once, before you exit to XMB, you can not suspend anymore.)(Howard0su)
  • [+] Improve Batch Test framework abit and bring it to PC platform(Howard0su)
  • [+] Declare MAKE_UNCACHED_PTR for PSP(Howard0su)
  • [+] Move all I/O access to Hardware component. (Merged from -N64 tree by Howard0su)

From Kreationz:

It's just a quick update for stability and some other fixes and prep work. Nothing major concerning speed or the like, but it is recommended you update. (For Alpha Testers it is equivalent to Rev 333.)

Download: DaedalusX64 Beta 2 Update