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Thread: game updates psp go?

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    Default game updates psp go?

    with the psp go does anyone think sony can implement game updates since everything is downloadable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapper21 View Post
    with the psp go does anyone think sony can implement game updates since everything is downloadable.
    If you mean what I think you do, yes and its already possible but not many PSP games use this as most are:
    1: Shit
    2: Devs are to lazy and then update the game when they make a fresh batch of the UMD

    As its digital, I think there will be more games having features like this but I think the way it works is the updates are game packs in PSN. I could be wrong but this (no offence), i feel, is a stupid question.
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    you DO know to get the game off the PSN,
    you MUST have an up to Date FW to connect the the PSN
    the psp will NO run the eboot and tell you you need to update to x.xx to run it

    CFW bypasses most of the checks

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    I'm just gonna hope it won't be limited to the damn M2 sticks, that would be a bummer if you already have pros and microSDs w/ adapters. On the flipside, mem stick can FINALLY be media hot swappable without hindering brew library on the psp itself.
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