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Thread: Need a good site to buy a backup battery..

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    Default Need a good site to buy a backup battery..

    Whats a good site to buy a backup battery? I hear that dx sells them cheap, but also heard that they have low battery life . I don't know if ebay would be a good idea either. So what should i do?
    The bottom line is that i want a battery that lasts long, doesn't need to be more than the official sony battery but not any or much less.

    I want a backup battery so i can have a spare battery in case my only one loses charge.

    PS: It needs to be a phat battery. Thanks in advance.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums, wasn't sure where to put this topic.

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    i recommend Dealextreme. it's a good place with cheap stuffs. a pandora battery only cost 6 bucks.

    some batteries are good, some not. but you don't use it much, so you only need to charge it and use it once a month or less. i you are going to use it with timemachine ipl, that may be a problem. i have a pandora battery too, and sometimes the battery sinks from 70 % to 1 %, that is a bit annoying.

    good luck.

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    Pandorabatterybuys sells cheap batteries... I haven't ordered one so I do not know the quality yet.

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