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Thread: Adhoc Party Finally Coming To North America?

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    Default Adhoc Party Finally Coming To North America?

    Adhoc Party extends the reach of PSP games with local wireless play like Dissidia: Final Fantasy by giving them Internet play via a PlayStation 3 connected to the PlayStation Network. Sony has been beta testing the service in Japan without announcing it for any other region. You can digitally import Adhoc Party by downloading it from Japan’s PlayStation Store, but wouldn’t it be nice if an English version came out?

    imageSony might be preparing one since they just trademarked Adhoc Party for everything from “automatic operation transmitting of digital data in the nature of video game software” to “amusement parks”. Since the service made its debut over a year ago this doesn’t seem like a protective trademark.

    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite recently came out in North America and it’s a prime candidate to take advantage of Adhoc Party. Perhaps, Sony is planning a domestic release soon?

    Here’s a list of ad-hoc enabled games officially supported by Adhoc Party. There are a ton of other titles, including games that were only released in the West, that work with Adhoc Party too.

    hopefully it happens... i have a ps3 and would love this... idea..

    Video showing an example of how it works:

    If you have a ps3 and have a Japan account this is how you get started already:

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    i wish they would do this, but via laptop through usb. id love to play disidia online TT-TT
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