How large is the difference in portability? I had a 1000 and it eventually broke. I always carried it around with me every day but the size was a real annoyance so I got an ipod touch (mistake) the portability is great but I liked the psp alot more. with all the homebrew, full UMD games, and most importantly BUTTONS.

Maybe its just me but after my experience with it I absolutely HATE touchscreens. Games are simply not fun, so I want to sell it and buy a psp. Naturally the GO would be my calling so to speak its the psp but tiny. But Im not sure I want it mainly because the limited memory and of course I will most likley have to wait a long while before its hackable.

So, coming from someone who has had both of them how large are the differences in portability? Did you find it a lot less annoying to carry around or was it just kind of the same? And dimension wise (numerically) about how much smaller is it?