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Thread: Apps for Gen B

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    Default Apps for Gen B

    I just updated to GEN B to get PSN back working. And now I need some apps for GEN B

    I am mainly looking for Emulators but each one asks you to jump through hoops.

    Are there any simple emulators that works with GEN B where I can just use standard roms files without converting etc.

    And what are the best apps for Gen B If I missed an old post please direct me

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    well you can try any app but you just have to pick the right onez..just pm me if you need help.
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    If the homebrew was made for 3.xx-5.xx, you can use it with GEN-B. In Addition, most emulators allow you to just transfer the ROMs to the folder.

    See what you want from this list:

    Guide for M33 firmwares | Install DCv8 |PS3 Hacking Thread

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