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Thread: value my psp

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    Default value my psp

    I want to sell my PSP on ebay and im looking to buy other things right now and i want to see how much i could really sell it for. I have a 5.03m33-6 phat psp 1000. The disk mechanism is a little messed up with the button and you have to press it down a tad and then push to get it to open. i want to sell it with 5 games, a charger which comes with an adapter since it is a european charger with round tips. the games are The Godfather, Madden 06, FF7 Crisis Core, Midnight Club 3 Dub edition and Need for Speed:Most Wanted. It also comes with a 4gb memory stick. i was thinking around 160$ or 170$ since it comes with everything and more and its hacked. And say in the bid if you want it hacked or reverted and updated to normal firmware. Opinions and or thoughts?

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    ebay will take it down since it's hacked. I would say it's about $70-$120 because it's a fat PSP, and the games are used.
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