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Thread: Unpacking/Repacking a new firmware?

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    Default Unpacking/Repacking a new firmware?

    I know its going to sound like a n00b question,

    But I was just wondering is Sony blocking the ability to unpack/repack a firmware to turn it into a CFW?

    I don't know anything about it, and I don't plan on making a CFW, but I was just wondering.
    I have read the the only reason that Dark_Alex will release a new M33 CFW is if there is something to benefit the PSP and HOMEBREW community. Is that the only thing that's holding the M33 team from releasing a new M33 CFW?

    I personally think Dark_Alex will probably release a new CFW when 6.00 FW comes out (at the looks of it the same time the PSP-GO will be released)

    Just wondering if Sony is doing something on the Software side as well as on the Hardware side.

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    Anything that has to be launched, requires Sony's digital signature.

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