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    For a long time I have been having a hard time going through all the emulators. I have been trying to find the best and most recent emulators out there. What I find is really odd, is that most sites, including this one, lists ALL of the emulators. This includes the first ones, all the way to the newer ones. There is no system of order! There is noone out there, that I have seen, that would list the emulators by how new, who made them, what the best ones are, or give a great deal of information about them. It would be great if someone out there would create a installer or at least the sites could clean house! I need more to go by here, other than a list of names and dates of release. How is anyone supposed to know what is the best and most stable just by seeing names and dates alone? To me, it is a bunch of guess work and trial and error. Is there no one out there that has a clean system in place in presenting emulators for the psp? I can find one in particular that is really helpful for emulators for the pc but none when it comes to emulators for the psp. Am I the only one with a headache over this?

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    not really ..

    rmb google and the search button is your friend

    Relax man. Chill haha

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