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Thread: PSPGo Reservation Card at Target +$4 off!

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    Default PSPGo Reservation Card at Target +$4 off!

    I was in target earlier today and for a dollar you get the fancy looking piece of cardboard below, with a card. When you bring the card in when you get your PSPGo, you also get a FREE $5 Target gift card. Since The economy is bad I figure I wold share so you can get your $4 off your new PSPGo when you buy it ($4 off because you've already paid a dollar for the $5 giftcard essentially).

    Every bit counts right?

    Bgger image if you must:
    Click Me!

    EDIT:F*ck me. I read the fine print, the gift card isn't valid on the reserved item. Though you do have $5 towards something else which is still nice.

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