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Thread: Naruto Ripkit Manager / 5.55 patcher

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    Default Naruto Ripkit Manager / 5.55 patcher

    Sorry if fool you into think this was for every game that needed 5.55 to play, but keep listening, for right now it looks like this is for a certain game. Mainly Naruto Shippuden: Legends Akatsuki Rising. It was taking forever to figure out how to get the dang game to work on my psp after I updated it to 5.50 GEN-B. I frantically searched the internet for a solution and finally found one. But I'm not sure that this may work for other games other than just Naruto Shippuden....But you guys can try if you want.

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    Naruto requires LBA Patching. You get it working by exporting the file list (LBA positions), decrypt/replace the 'eboot.bin', re-import the file list and then re-compile the new ISO.

    But this method should be much much more easier.

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    Isn't this works with the decrypter thing?

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