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Thread: 5.50 GEN-D Out Now!

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    Default 5.50 GEN-D Out Now!

    The Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-D is now finished and released. Note that this Custom Firmware
    is for PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 V1 and V2 only.The 5.03HEN-A will be updated soon with the same possibilities.


    To make the way to flash your PSP easier, the installation of our new CFW is so easy thanks to our flash program XGEN UDPATER FOR PSP CFW 5.50Gen-D for those who are already using Custom Firmware or a XGEN for Pandora for those who would still be on official firmware with PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 V1 or V2.

    If you're already on custom firmware, just launch the program.

    What's up Doc ?
    All features of 5.50GEN-B2 are avaible
    Ability to run 5.51 + games without having to patch it (UMD or ISO)
    Possibility to launch PSN demos requiring 5.51 + without having to patch them (as MGS for example)
    Possibility to connect to the Playstation Store by the using of MEDIAGO, to retrieve games and goodies without having to install Fake USB or other complicated stuff.
    Possibility to use the XGEN Updater to install the official firmware 6.10 (use it only if you have a Pandora XGEN to be able to return later in Custom firmware)
    480x272 AVC Videos ere supported

    5.50Gen-D is now running on your PSP...

    Known bug :
    Option to accelerate the reading of MS is going to be ported to 5.50GEN

    Quote Originally Posted by MaGiXieN
    Warnings and various small F.A.Q:
    Please read the download page before starting the procedure.
    In the previous release, you were likely to see problems due to lack of reading the news and the download page (like "OMG, I've bricked my PSP, I have only the displayed time" which was due to updating a custom theme and settled simply by removing the MS from the drive). We take the time to write this download page, and it's not for fun, so please take the time to read it and avoid stress to everyone.
    Take the time to read comments of news, espacially when a new CF has just been released.
    Similary, the comments are full of answers to your questions and are moderate in real time to healp everyone find solution (thanks to all active moderators). Feel free to watch it, you may always find a solution to your problem.
    Do not leave a custom theme on your PSP.
    Settings> Themes Settings> Theme> Original
    Do not leave a custom background on your PSP
    Settings>Themes>Background> Original
    If you encounter a black screen at the launch of the updated :
    This bug is not a problem with our updater but with 5.50GEN-B(1).In this case, just make the update to Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-B2 then run the update to the 5.50GEN-D. In all other cases, from 4.01M33, the update is straightforward.
    You must know how to set a Custom Firmware 5.50Gen-D :
    This is important. How many time we've read : "since I'm in 5.50Gen-X, I can't play my ISOs", then you just have to put a UMD in the drive or switch to no-UMD driver. Our tutorial "Configure your Custom Firmare 5.50Gen-D (sorry it is in French)" should help you to know everything you need to. Once again, if you encounter a problem, our forums are here to help you and to find an answer to your questions.

    We hope that this new version will give you satisfaction. We will watch all the bugs you can bring in the forum in your comments. Note that this release has been proposed by Yoshihiro, who is responsible for all add-ons.

    The GEN Team thanks you all for your trust and loyalty.

    Download, instructions and user manual available
    in the download page below.

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    PSP 1.5 got on USA first day is was 1.5 NOW 4.01 M33-2 -> 5.00 M33-6(1.50 addon),
    Old PS3s: PS3 60GB FW:3.41(2nd ps3 YLoD, 1st, YLoD)
    New PS3:
    Slim 160gb 01-21-2011 Working
    was 3.40 OFW->3.60 OFW

    2nd PSP : PHAT 5.50 GEN-D2
    3rd PSP : Sliver 3000 Starting OFW:4.20 (NEW bought NEW on 11/28/2010)
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