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Thread: pros and cons of PSP go! (i don't own one)

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    Default pros and cons of PSP go! (i don't own one)

    16GB HDD
    girls will think its sexy becuase it looks like a phone
    the screen is smaller but has the same reselution so it looks better
    its small so you can carry it better
    it is convenent to download games
    it has blue tooth
    hackers will stop caring about 3000 and hack the go! (maby go! will get full CFW and 3000 will remain 75% hacked.)
    it is what some hackers wanted in the first place (peaple who hack ONLY to play payed for .ISO backups)
    peaple who wanted to use the PSP for official MS0 games will more than likely love it.
    it's small so if you drop it you will get 2 PSP go!s
    it has no MS0 drive and uses micro MS0 instead (pay lots agin for MS0s)
    it is only 10% hacked
    it coast more than a wii.
    Europeans get ripped off
    you can't download games without updating the OFW.
    the screen is smaller so you get less size
    the battery can't be removed without decompileing the maciene.
    it has a gay name PSP go! WTF?
    s0ny controls you game prices
    I don't know it it has a built in mic

    the reason s0ny made the go! is probably because of PSP hacking. although lots of hackers like me like appz and romz and emulatorz some only wanted MS0 games. if the PSP wasen't hacked in the first place I don't think the go! would exist.

    of course i think I may be missing stuff becuase i'm tired tonight. I dident count no UMD as a con becuase it is ment to work along with PSP 3000 (brite) as a download only app.

    if i was s0ny I would make it so the PSPstore (PSN) had a thing whare devs could upload games. I would also have made it out of titanium so it wouldent break in one drop (this problem started with slim)

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