Okay first off, I found this as an accident, But I did find it. But It's based off CXMB for psp 3000's and this CTF:


I converted it to work on 5.02 gen with the CTF converter. After switchin to the theme I went into recovery mode And(I'll have to get pictures and video of this later, If I do this now I'll wake up the whole house) it says

"M33 RaMpAgE" In the recovery mode in blue text where GEN recovery mode was at, and non-highlighted items are yellow.

Everything responds right! As in Plugins=Plugins, Registry Hacks=Registry Hacks, Everything fits in the right parameters. The only thing I've noticed is I can't just hit select to exit recovery mode, But I have sedna and upon hitting Exit I boot up as if I hit reboot PSP in VSH. So I don't know if sedna is preventing my psp from booting up into OFW(likely that it is), but I'm not disabling sedna anytime soon.

Maybe team Gen Can use this to fix the messed up recovery mode?

If anybody else has CXMB for psp 3000's and sedna will you please give this a shot? See if you get the same results.