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Thread: Is chickhen a reliable hack for 3000's?

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    Default Is chickhen a reliable hack for 3000's?

    A friend of mine is looking to buy a psp for CFW. I know him through a mutual friend who has a modded 2000. I have a modded 1000. We were reading up on the 3000's last night and in particular the screen comparison/color boldness was really appealing about the 3000's, but I was under the impression that cfw was just going to be more assured on 1000's and early 2000's.

    Should he get a 3000, or a 2000? If chickhen isn't a reliable hack, or if there are a lot of compatibility issues for it, I'm sure he'd rather just get a 2000 and run GEN.

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    Get a fully hackable psp 2000....Best option would be to lookout for special edition psp 2000 packs like God of war or daxter.

    As for the ChickHen+CFW Enabler, thats the only option for a psp 3000..
    The only pre-requisite is that the firmware must be 5.03 or below for chickhen to work.

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