Just a quick announcement that the live chat service here at psp-hacks/ps3-hacks has moved to a new network. We have made this change to try to provide the users more freedom and provide better help.

Many people previously have joined the channel and met with rules that were... vastly different from the forums. Along with this server change we are also changing the rules. What you are used to here on these forums, you can now expect from the chat. Friendly people willing to help with the same rules that exist on these forums.

If you just looking for quick chat, some assistance with psp hacking, just have some general questions or anything like that stop on by! Feel like you really know your psp stuff? Feel free to stop in and lend a hand. Any way you like to look at it, we're focused on providing a place to chat about psp hacking in a friendly manner.

You can reach us either the java link on the front page (Click here http://www.psp-hacks.com/psp-irc.php) or if your a regular irc user, you can connect to the server: justca.me and the channel #psp-hacks.

We hope to chat with you soon!