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Thread: MaGiXieN: 6.xxGEN is not worth the trouble, 5.50GEN-D3 to be announced in a few hours

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    Default MaGiXieN: 6.xxGEN is not worth the trouble, 5.50GEN-D3 to be announced in a few hours

    The latest official PSP firmware is 6.20. The only custom firmware that's receiving a steady amount of updates is 5.50GEN. One question a lot of homebrew enthusiasts are asking is, why is there no 6.xxGEN? Team GENyUS's MaGiXieN says it's because the update isn't worth the trouble.

    Here's a part of his explanation:

    Also, be aware that since 6.00, Sony has structurally changed the firmware and removed a number of things "useless" to run the game but needed to run some utilities and other homebrew. This has been remedied, in large part by our split of development but it would require a general update of all that exists in homebrew (games and utilities) and the themes and all that goes with it. In fact, we arrived with the 6.xx to a point which recalls the passage of homebrew 1.xx to 3.xx but one of the worse. Indeed, the 6.xx can no longer launch the ELF in the state and must repack all programs to make them compatible with the new system from Sony. In addition, tools such as hacking PSPLink and company are no longer compatible and must be adapted. This does not mean that it will not happen but it seems now that all this upheaval is not worth the trouble for so little gain.

    Moreover, the vast majority of you think that if a custom firmware 6.xxGEN (or other) was posted, all games would work without problems. Note that this is not true in false for now, the protections detect the presence of a custom firmware and not the version number. Thus, to give you an example, Tekken does not turn on a 6.20GEN (or 6.20trucmuche) pure and hard. This should be adding the same correction as the 5.50GEN that it rotates. So why bother since 5.50GEN-D2 (5.03HEN-B) already provides the majority of what you can expect from a Custom Firmware and the 5.50GEN-D3 (5.03HEN-C), which arrival will be announced in a few hours, will still more things.

    So no 6.xxGEN then (but maybe they can release that 6.10GEN in the pic?). More importantly, though, if you read all that, you'll notice that the next GEN update that we heard about a couple of days ago will apparently be announced in a few hours. The waiting begins.
    so it look like the 6.XX+ kernel will need new homewbrew, and new tool and a new SDK and old homebrew WILL NOT WORK

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    Thanks for the info Ryu ...... Please post a direct link to D3 when it is released on Sendspace or MU etc.

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    keep up the good work ryu and also team gen for making cfw!!
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    Wow, 5.03 GEN-C.. I like the sound of that.
    Too bad I wont be able to try it when it comes out because I'm heading off for a camp in a few hours.
    Oh well, with this release I guess many noobs are asking why no CFW for their versions 5.03+ is going to be released. Haha.
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    i don't care about a 6.xx+ CFW, all i want is to be able to do what i do with my phat on my slim.

    on nand = latest ofw.
    on stick = latest cfw that will run of stick. (5.00m33-4)

    that would be good for me, unfortunately i have a 88v2 so i can't do a boot of the stick redirect to nand with an official ipl.. weak.

    wish i wasn't to lazy to learn how to make an ipl.

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