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Thread: Psp 4000 !!!

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    Default Psp 4000 !!!

    Via an email sent today, Sony Computer Entertainment has unveiled a range of goods for the well-known Littlebig Planet.

    Jump on this pack of goodies consisting of figurines, mugs, keyrings, t-shirts, in short, anything that hints at the adorable little character.


    A poster was then created, highlighting all the accessories mentioned above, and we may even see some stickers. At the bottom of the poster, it says that these accessories are designed for the PSP-1000 series, PSP-2000 PSP-3000, PSP-4000 and PSP go (N-1000). Wait a minute ... You probably thought that the writer of this news had made a mistake by adding PSP-4000? Well actually no, not at all! It seems that Sony has made a huge blunder by adding the PSP-4000 has not yet been formalized.

    Here is the image in question:

    Click on the image to view larger

    Either Sony has made a big mistake, or they have not paid attention at all, so this PSP-4000 would not in fact a dream that may become a reality. But this nice error can then give way to our doubts, and this probably confirms the current setting of the PSP-4000.

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    Or, its just a typo.

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