first of all i would like to say thanX to all.

i have a phat psp w/ 5.50 gen d3 and i used the chicHEN method(the way w/o having a modded psp)
I DO NOT HAVE THE 1.5 plugin(dont think i need it except homebre and emu's)
trying to play ben 10 alien force but when i create a profile it draws a blank screen(umd and stick as well)tried using decrytor and the eboot patcher.
the decrytor works fine, the patcher never patches.
followed this:_______________________________

..:::Yoshihiro's 5.55 & 6.00 games decrypter V3:::..

hi guyz this tool is here for let you use your original game backup
on CFW 5.50 gen B-2 and 5.03GEn.

What's new ?

Fix: Probem with YS seven game. He work perfect on PSP3000
Added:compatibility with the futur Game 6.xx

how i can use this tool ?
1 :lets go first you need to install the GameZDecryptZ folder in your XSP/GAME folder
2 : Open you iso with UMDGEN 4
3 : Go to File>File List>Export
4 : Save it as Filelist.txt
5 : Extract the EBOOT.BIN with UMDGEN4 in PSP_GAME/SYSDIR
6 : put your EBOOT.BIN extracted from UMDGEN PSP_GAME/SYSDIR and put it on root of your memory stick
7 : now you can boot game decrypter now you can press X 5 seconds later it's done
8 : connect your usb cable check on root of your memory stick you have a new folder called decryptor
9 : copy the eboot.bin from the decryptor folder inside umdgen
10 : Go to File>File List>Import
11 : Choose Filelist.txt
12 : Select YES to forcing LBAs, then Save
13 : REbuild your ISO.

Enjoy it Yoshihiro
but still no love.
any suggestions?