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Thread: watching sub's on psp

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    Default watching sub's on psp

    by subs i mean subtitles. ok so i mainly watch anime, and most of them are subbed. so far, i havent been able to find a video play that plays subs for a psp. so next option is to convert soft subs into hardsubs

    (incase some on dosent know, softsubs are when subtitles are saved as text in the video file or seperately, i.e can be turned on or off, hard subs are when the subtitles are a part of the video, i.e embedded into it)

    any ways, so far the only converter ive found for doing this is divx converter, which makes the subs soo small that its hard to read, and u have no option to choose which subtitles u want in the hard sub, and usually there are more then 1 subtitles so al of them become part of the vide

    any ways, so i want a suggestion of either a video play that can play subtitles in psp for 5.03 gen - b or a converter that converts the soft subs to hard subs with good quality, and u get to choose which subs u want to convert..

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    use pspvc to convert ur videos..It has the option to add subs to ur video...

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    When you convert a video that has softsubs, you will have to readd the subtitle file before you convert them. (Some converters can do this for you) If you don't want to go through this, get files that are hardsubbed. (.avi, .mp4)

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