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Thread: When will my PSP-3000/PSP Go be hacked?

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    Default When will my PSP-3000/PSP Go be hacked?

    This thread has been replaced by the newer Hacks For The Unhackable PSPs thread. Thank you.

    This is a question I see every day here.

    We don't have any idea when the new PSP's will be hacked. Stop asking. The PSP-3000 with firmware higher than 5.03 simply
    can not run ISOs at this time. .

    There needs to be an exploit found. Once an exploit is found someone will need to code a HEN (Homebrew ENabler) before you can run any kind of homebrew apps. The Pandora battery and MMS will not work for a PSP-3000/Go because the IPL hasn't been decrypted. So, once again, any PSP-3000 with firmware higher than 5.03 (5.50, 5.55, 6.00, 6.10, 6.20, etc) can not be hacked to play ISO's

    UPDATE by Zero: An exploit has been found for all PSP models (including the PSP Go) on firmware 6.20 using the "patapon 2" savegame exploit. This allows all user level hombrew to be run, for example Emulators and NOT ISOs. Read more here. - Note that this exploit DOES NOT allow you to play ISO games

    Links To 3000/Go Related Hacks:
    - Using Emulators On OFW
    - PSP 6.20 Savedata Exploit

    This post is still current as of June 2010

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