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Thread: Default Why 1.50 kernel for 5.50 wasn't released?!

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    Default Default Why 1.50 kernel for 5.50 wasn't released?!

    To begin, I want you to know that the kernel Add-on for 5.50 GEN will never look no download link. This article is only to provide information and make some things clear. This is a gesture by the team wanted GEN. See below for some reason.

    What is the 1.50 kernel?

    The 1.50 kernel is used to play homebrew created for firmware 1.50. Like any firmware below 2.00, the 1.50 does not support the "EBOOT" instore in 2.00 (and still used to create the current time homebrew).

    Although few homebrews are developed for the firmware, there are only usable in
    1.00 (First Japanese PSP fat only) and
    1.50 (All psp fat first in Europe and North America).

    Creating a Kernel 1.50 is useful to start most homebrew games on Custom Firmware.

    And 5.50 for Gen?

    1.50 The Kernel is ready, but will never be available for download for several reasons:

    The key: The key to cracking the 5.50 is within the Team and GEN did not want because Xenogears and can use it to update their firmware GEN clones (CFE + MHU).

    Through this, they show us that without the firmware GEN, there would be no new firmware (CFE or MHU) and becuse and Xenogears are thieves prx since they are not able to find Clée decryption themselves. The proof is by "pure coincidence" and the CFE firmware MHU were not always updated.

    This article summarizes some reason, there will be no 1.50 kernel for 5.50 GEN.

    EDIT: I upload a video showing you how to use your games on your 1.50 Gen 5.50!

    Link to video:

    .................................................. ..

    Source: PSP Gen and MaGiXiEN!

    That's why people shouldn't steal the cfw of other devs!
    Thank Xenogears!

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    there is no 1.50 kernel for GEN because they stopped widespread use of it a while back ago... most homebrew have since then been updated to the 3.XX kernel and even further with the 5.XX, i cant really think of any apps that havent been ported (officially or unofficially)

    "the devs saying "we are working on fixing this issue" well i'm working on having sex with Mandy Moore and Britney Spears
    at the same time, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen" ~Travisclees~

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    This is old news. I don't understand why someone else doesn't pick up the project and make the kernel addon for us. I can think of 2 homebrew apps right now that don't work for me because there's no 1.50 kernel on 5.50 GEN.

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