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Thread: PSP-3004 Hack

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    Question PSP-3004 Hack

    I'm an X0 fan but my gf's lil' bro got the new psp and it's apparently psp-3004.
    I got the little guy in tears as I was kinda drunk and was talkin' all that blabla about him getting to play all new games 4 free.. Now I feel like an total ass for not being able to hack the fkn console. All the dude needed was Indiana Jones 2.. So I've done research on hacking these things and came to conclusion that it's not hackable, tho' all the post's were like over a year old so what's the deal now whit it? I'd like someone to PM me or even post on this thread when it's possible to play downloaded games on his psp, if not for my sakes then the little dude's.

    Ps. sry 4 all the bullcrap but I think it's our duty as grown up ppl to give our young generation the joy of pumping their psp's to the max!

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