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Overview Kifukkupuraguin PSP is running on custom firmware.

  • All features any ON / OFF switch is.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the analog stick.
  • You can change the allocation of PSP buttons and remote control.
  • While automatic and automatic fire blazing just press the button, and you can leave the auto press.
  • In the macro feature can automatically repeat a certain behavior.
  • Macros can be recorded in the actual operation in real time during the game.
  • Macros can also hold more than one button can also be run on them during the game.
  • Automatic fire and macro settings can be saved and loaded into the memory stick.
  • These games set the default value of ID can be loaded on each switch.

For more information,MacroFire the readmePlease click here.

  • 3.2.0
    • The new hooks to the body that allows registration HOME macro button and volume buttons and reassignment. Balance with other plug-ins for the readme.txt of the "boot order" for more information.
    • The upper limit of the sensitivity of the analog stick 200 percent to 400 percent.
    • Not working properly macro editor to correct the problem it was just looking.
    • Numeric entry dialog, fix the problem is not setting well with the lower digit is set to the maximum possible value of the highest digit.
    • Buttons to toggle the engine state did not fix the issue also features a remote control button to set.
    • The macro recorder, do not fix it for the record start button is pres