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Thread: choose pops version via computer?

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    Smile choose pops version via computer?

    hello psp-hacks community, just wondering if there is anyone out there that knows if i can set the pops version for psx games via my computer, since my psp screen is broken i have been using remotejoylite as a replacement and it has been doing a fine job except for when i want to play ps1 games.

    As remotejoylite doesnt display the pops screen i cant tell which version of pops im loading is there anyway to set pops version for psx games via computer, or is there anyway to enable remotejoylite to display pops screen?

    any help appreciated!

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    As far as I know, nope. You are probably SOL.


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    You can go into your memory stick and delete the .bin file located at /seplugins/posploader. This will reset your popsloader version setting. When you go to load up a PSX game again, you will be prompted to select your version. All you have to do is "finger" around for the version you want. It starts on Original From Flash IIRC.

    You don't have to keep deleting the .bin file everytime, just hold R while booting the PSX game and you will be taken this screen, and the cursor will be left on what was previously selected. (Single Disc / Multi Disc eboots have separate settings)

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