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Thread: 5.03 dt-a??

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    Lightbulb 5.03 dt-a??

    Anyone know about this, or this is completely another hoax?

    * 5.03 DT-A a 5.03 GEN-C based Enabler for PSP-3000 and 2000v3 users ONLY!!!

    5.03 DT-A a 5.03 GEN-C based Enabler for PSP-3000 and 2000v3 users ONLY!!!
    Support the accelerated reading bar features! The new break system 5.03DT-A Details

    5.03DT-A System Description:
    Limited to PSP3000, PSP2000 V3 board users!

    5.03DT-A Function:
    1. You can run all of the PSP games have been sold, including the requirement of the new firmware 6.10 games
    2. To support plug-ins to use, but some plug-ins may not be perfect, is now under study (this issue also exists in other crack systems)
    3. The biggest bright spot --- New game features speed up the time bar
    4. New show date function
    5. Add Russian for PSP users to select (for the people of this optional)
    6. Made the system settings menu to change to amend the GEN-made system recovery mode menu options to be disordered
    7. The game boot mode to add a "DT driver" that can better support the new games to run
    8. To improve the operation rate of PSP frequency, CPU speed MAX value of up to 413MHZ (legendary overclocking, require additional files into PSP brushes F1 hosts were to take effect, the following will explain)

    System operating requirements:
    PSP system must be as an official of the 5.03 system, and has loads ChickHEN R2.

    Overclocking Operation Tutorial

    Upgrade Graphic Tutorial


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    yeah..but no one really used it.

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