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Thread: Organized memory stick content

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    Default Organized memory stick content

    lol well I ment to say, is there a way to group content or put content thats on my MS in subfolders? and I mean so it appears on my psp.

    so im saying if I grouped all my stuff. I would turn my psp on, go into my memory card, then it would show me all my content I have but in folders, so I would see a folder for psp Games, Hombrews, ps1 games and so on, then when I open one of those folders I would only see the games that go with the title, so say if I opened my ps1 games folder, I should only see my ps1 games that I have on my MS.

    just wanted to know if this was possible, I know you can group your pictures, so i was just wondering if you could do the same with your apps.

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    Yeah, a plug-in called Game Categories. One of the best apps for PSP.

    Use that with PSP HB Sort Tool.

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