well i havent seen this in the forum but im shure people have some problem once installing cfw 5.50gen d3, or mybe any gen version.

1- having certain games freeze such us midnight club during save. and some parts in daxter for example.

to fix this u must install : LUA PLAYER HM 6.

2- online capabilities, such us un able to use adhoc feature for multiplayer use, and connecting to online servers. (note that u need to install: psnlover to be able to go online aswel. )

to fix this u must install: MAC FIXER.

(somehow installing cfw changes the mac address on your wifi card can get change. u might not notice it at first because its very hard to tell. but once u try to play using adhoc and u get errors such as un able to connect or cant find host etc. then this is ur fix )