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Thread: About Sony's next move, gossip

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    Default About Sony's next move, gossip

    Well, I read the rules and no harm in talking about companies right?

    We all see that PSP hasn't made a new firmware yet in a while. I'd like to share you my possible reasons behind this.

    1) they gave up
    2) they don't care about HBL just about ISOs
    3) they hadn't figure out a way to stop this
    4) they are completely remaking the psp encryption, language, structure.

    I personally think is 4, but I dunno, what do you guys think?


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    1)give up? not yet

    no, the psp has, MANY good games coming, to it
    they have NOT shown a PSP2 yet

    homebrew OK , ISO and bad, to Sony

    they have stop some hacking

    the have done that in some way with 6.00

    there may a new FW coming for the PSN+ (around the same time as the PS3, 06/29/2010)
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    I reconsidered my possibilities and realized that PSP2 maybe the answer to stop hacking and gave up on PSP1, then again. I don't know if these games are for only PSP1/GO.

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    it is it just gives us more to play with in the hacking world with them trying to stop things.

    what i mean is trying to find a way around the block.
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    The PSP is doing well in Japan, in fact its become the platform of choice there. However, the 3DS is coming out soon, and with its expected monster sales and better hardware, developers will quickly move on.

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    Default SBORPS Random Fact 08

    To find out the PSP model your code is running on you can call the function sceKernelGetModel(). People have been using it in homebrew to differentiate between 01g and 02g machines (fat and slim) to determine what their app will do depending on the model the user is running.

    However, the sceKernelGetModel function can do a lot more than just determining whether you’re running fat or slim PSP, it can return values for:
    01g – fat PSP
    02g – slim PSP
    03g – 3K PSP
    04g – ??? (an updated 3K model? 4K perhaps?)
    05g – PSP GO
    06g – ???
    07g – ???
    08g – ???
    sceKernelGetModel() actually returns a value
    from 0-7 to represent each model,
    0 being the PSP fat,
    1 being the PSP slim, etc.
    all the way upto 7 for the 08g model.
    That’s three more models after the PSP GO! As well as a 4000 model after 3000.

    The fw for 04g models is already out, it’s included with normal fw updaters (6.xx) and can be decrypted using the 3K keys. There’s also code already in the fw supporting 06g and 08g models (which seem to be GO-like models).

    So for people thinking the PSP GO was a waste of a update or there wouldn’t be any more updates, prepare for three more models…

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